Institute of Integrative Ayurveda Medical Education

Introduction to Maharishi Ayurveda Self-Pulse Assessment

This page will introduce you to the experience of Ayurveda self-pulse assessment
both for personal rejuvenation and the assessment of balance and imbalance.

Step 1: Diagrams and written instruction: How to take the pulse - click here

Step 2: Video introduction and guided self-pulse experience with Nancy Lonsdorf MD - see below

This 22 minute video is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Discussion of the value of pulse assessment and srarting technique

Part 2: Dr. Lonsdorf guiding you through an experience of self-pulse assessment including use of ghandarva veda music during taking of the pulse.


Optional Step 3: Video introduction to Vata, Pitta and Kapha with Stuart Rothenberg MD - click here

Video supporting materials

Ayurveda Constitutional Type – Prakriti
Ayurveda Imbalance - Vikriti
Ayurveda Constitutional Type Questionnaire